P.S. Really???

My hay guy, Rick, has always been erratic. In the past he was a drinker, which accounted for some of his fecklessness and broken promises. For the past year he has been much better.

However he was due to deliver a load last weekend and never showed. He never called, never emailed. I called and emailed him all last week as my supply dwindled. No response.

Thursday I ran out of hay. I borrowed some, sure Rick would show up full of charm and excuses. No show. No hay.

Friday I began calling around, looking for another supplier. I have tried to do this in the past, without luck. Relatively few farmers put up “small squares” (traditional hay bales) any more — giant round bales are the modern, less labor-intensive choice — and most who do produce small squares already have their quota of customers. However, I persevered. I finally was able to make arrangements for a hay delivery today, the earliest possible. I have been borrowing hay for three days, not only an embarrassment but a lot of sweat.

I just had an email from the new supplier. He is a dairy farmer and has had a calving emergency this morning; the vet is on the way. He now cannot come until Tuesday.

I am breathing deeply.


2 Responses to P.S. Really???

  1. Sue says:

    I live in Jay. I sold 200 square bales back to my supplier 3 weeks ago. His name is Paul 518-570-6948. He may have some left.

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