The Power of the Internet

People complain about the internet distorting the social fabric, and I understand those concerns. However, over the years unmet “internet friends” have helped me save my cows, doctor my sheep, and now, feed all my livestock. Thanks to Sue, whom I do not know, who might live anywhere in the country, and turns out to live 20 miles away, last night I had hay in my barn. I’m very grateful.

It had snowed off and on all morning. I’d been up since 3 AM grading tests, and by 3 PM after teaching all day I was in a fog of tiredness, standing waiting in a cold rain for the hay delivery. The hay would be damp, but I was too tired to care.

Paul, the hay man, was an extremely nice person about my age. In “real life,” as opposed to the part-time farmer’s double life, he is a local sheriff. By amazing coincidence, fifty years ago his father worked at the school where I live. I also know his cousin (or is it his uncle?) and a long-time next door neighbor. This gave me a cozy feeling. We shared tales of sleepless nights, too much work, and spending one’s only spare time mucking the barn.

Paul brought a pick-up load. I returned the borrowed hay and have more than enough to tide me over until the planned delivery this afternoon.

Thank you, internet! Thank you, Sue!


5 Responses to The Power of the Internet

  1. Sue says:

    I am glad all is well! Being around Paul–his kindness and work ethic does give one a cozy feeling. I cannot count the times he has helped us, he is very dear to my family and me.

    It is a VERY small world and just as you and Paul know many of the same people, I feel obliged to let you know that you and I do also. It happens, that last fall my friend, Jan, asked the women in her book group if they had room for another member– someone new to the community, looking to make friends. This wonderful group of ladies have welcomed me. Talk about a cozy feeling! I love them all and are so grateful to share their company. Sometime around last Christmas I saw your name on an email I received from the group. Now, yours is not an average, run of the mill, common name. How many can there be around here, I wondered. The next time I saw Jan she confirmed that you are the author of the blog I follow. Since then I have hoped to meet you at one of the meetings but our schedules have not cooperated. Maybe next month.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      How amazing, Sue! 🙂 If we meet in June, I will be there! Life between two “part-time-but-really-full-time” jobs has pushed out book group. I hope next year will be better!

  2. Shawn H says:

    Very awesome. Yes, the power of networking, whether the old fashioned way, or via the internet. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    I believe that I am on the schedule to host the June meeting. I hope to meet you then.

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