Weedwhacking at 9 PM

Last night after cooking salmon for dinner I was back down at the farm, weedwhacking in the gathering gloom. Wild raspberries had grown up to smother the north field fence where it jogs steeply up and around the little frog pond in the driftway. I needed to turn the cattle out in the north field — so I needed to restore the charge in that fence. Thus I needed to weedwhack.

As I stumbled over broken logs and boulders in the near-dark, the loudly snarling weedwhacker slung on my shoulder, I thought to myself: maybe I need to make this fence simpler and easier to maintain. I’m not getting any younger. Moments later I slipped on a mossy boulder, skinning my knee, and almost pitched backwards down the slope into the frog pond.

I’m changing that “maybe” to “definitely.”

2 Responses to Weedwhacking at 9 PM

  1. Erika says:

    It’s so great to see you posting again! We were out at 9pm last night trying to get the sheep back in their new paddock (just moved them there that afternoon and had 8,000 volts) then discovering the fence was losing charge somewhere. We were able to isolate which run was pulling it down but couldn’t see any reason in the dark. First chore of the day!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Electric fences — so perfect when they work and so useless and maddening when they mysteriously don’t! Good luck, Erika!

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