Mowing the Fields


For the last few years, ever since I bought my tractor, Allen mowed my fields.

I can drive the tractor, but managing the tractor and brush hog on slopes, especially in the south field dodging between rocks, scared me. Besides, hiring Allen to mow meant not only that I was free to do other pressing chores, but I got to see my dear old friend.

Every year he started by sharpening the blades. He lifted the brush hog with the tractor bucket …


…and ground each blade.


This summer, tired and blue after Allen’s death in the spring, I wasn’t sure what I would do about the south field.

Then one day Allen’s son, Damon, arrived with a grinder and began sharpening the brush hog blades.


The next morning when I pulled in, I met Damon on the tractor, leaving the south field. He had mowed it early before going to work.


I miss Allen so much. But I know how lucky I am. What a great day it was for my life and farm when I first hired this pair back in 2005.


Allen 2014


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