The Social Whirl


Last night DH and I went out for cocktails and dinner with his board of trustees. Tonight I am hosting a buffet dinner party for 65. Tomorrow morning I am taking an elderly friend (age 89) to a breakfast speech in town, then attending a real estate walk-through, then having lunch with other longtime friends while schmoozing at at our camp Visitors Day. On Sunday evening DH and I go to another friend’s 80th birthday party.

This is a lot of gaiety packed in four days.

In the meantime a school alum is coming to the farm to stay at the cabin for the weekend. I had planned to fence Allen’s peninsula and put the cows to graze on it tonight, but I’m guessing I should not blockade the driveway with a herd of cattle while we have guests from the city. This morning I have figure out where I can fence the cattle for the next two days and have both adequate grass and an adequate fence charge.

Meanwhile, yesterday both lawnmowers broke down. Thus the portable sheep fence at Betty’s is grounded out by tall grass, and useless. Trying to remain calm, I decided to weedwhack. When I yanked the pull-cord, the bottom of the weedwhacker fell off. Mike started to giggle when I called him last night to let him know.

My brain is smoking slightly under the pressure. I’m making lists.


2 Responses to The Social Whirl

  1. Erika says:

    Sounds busy. I love my scythe. Hasn’t let me down yet! I can keep ahead of the grass and weeds for the fencing and it makes a lovely swishing sound.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      I would love to try a scythe. I keep looking for one at sales. I’m glad to hear it works for you.

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