Stash’s First Haircut


Stash got his first big-boy haircut on Wednesday. His long curls were starting to mat; they picked up hayseeds and even less desirable detritus at barn chores. Most of all I worried about taking a baby in a heavy black wool coat outside in the summer heat.

I have always planned for him to be trimmed short — to look like a dog, not topiary, like so many poodles — so I took a print-out of a photo with me to the groomer. She peered at it closely; the quality of the print was poor. “Short all over? Poodle head or round head?”

I had no idea what these terms meant. “What is a round head?”

“Like a Bichon.”

I struggled to think what a Bichon Frise looked like — and, in particular, its head. No idea. I obviously wasn’t going to ask what “poodle head” meant. I said helplessly, “I just want him to look like a normal dog with short hair.”

“Oh, can’t we keep his ears long? He’s just a puppy.”

I felt as if I had been contemplating a poodle crime. I agreed to the ears.

When I picked up Stash two hours later, I was appalled. My cute puppy had been transformed into a rat wearing a frazzled wig.


[I apologize for the terrible photos; my camera is dying: no flash, iffy focus, mold in the lens … a $35 replacement is on its way from Ebay.]


I kept wondering what it was that he reminded me of. I finally realized… a top-hat chicken!

My heart has recovered from the shock. I am going to trim the long scraggly ears. I will find a better photo to use as a guide before his next grooming.

In the meantime, Stash is happy not to be too hot.


4 Responses to Stash’s First Haircut

  1. Sue says:

    I have personally endured many hair styles gone wrong and I truly feel your pain. Stash is lucky, for he doesn’t have to face the mirror each morning.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Sue, as always happens in the heat of summer, I am considering cutting all my hair off. However I look at Stash and think of my mirror, and I hesitate. 🙂

  2. Jack says:

    Stash looks very fine. Stop picking on him.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Ha ha. Thank you! I love him dearly. However seeing him shaved down to the skin with long ears was a big shock. I’m growing accustomed to it. 🙂

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