Working Hard

It’s been hot and sultry, 90°, humid, and buggy. Kyle and I have been working hard. Inch by inch, we are making progress. We have laid out all the posts in the back field and Kyle is beginning to pound them in.

I have a comical farmer’s tan — brown arms, brown neck and throat, brown cheeks, pale forehead under my baseball cap and dead white everywhere else, peppered by bug bites. And let us not forget the assorted scrapes and bruises. Very appetizing.

Yesterday it stormed and I took the day off. Kyle did not come. Apart from two hours of barn chores, milking, and moving sheep, plus carpooling, I stayed home to clean house and do paperwork. Not my favorite activities but necessary, and now a load off my mind.

Kyle is back today and I’m hoping we can pull ahead a little more. With any luck tomorrow, due to be another rainy day, I will have time to post a good update.

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