Maybe a Nap

Yesterday I was hit by a wave of tiredness. I drove the 4.5 hour round-trip to the slaughterhouse slowly, and then I seemed to run out of oomph entirely. I still had plenty to do. I just had no energy. I went to an afternoon meeting over at school and as I listened I was aware of my eyes wanting to close. I’m not sure what’s going on.

I hope it will pass as I have a long list for today, also.

  *   *   *

I didn’t plan well and fed out the last of the dog kibble last night. After dinner I put the lamb bone from dinner in a pot of water to boil. This morning I skimmed the fat and reheated the meaty broth to cook some brown rice. An hour later, the kitchen smelled delicious. Not only did the dogs love their lamb stew, but Lucy added some salt, pepper, and cheese and served herself some for breakfast.


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