43° This Morning

Tick. Tock. Tick. The clock is running down on summer. When I move the sheep fence, crickets scramble out of my way. Fireweed and black-eyed susans are in bloom on the roadsides. The ostrich ferns are browning and yesterday I saw a first maple beginning to flush orange. Three more weeks until my teaching year starts.

Three more weeks to get real work done.

A little over two weeks until I find out for sure if we are moving, though it’s looking likely. I can’t quite fathom how I will pack us up and get us moved in a week, but I know from experience that I can grunt through almost anything.

Kyle is back today after a hiatus. My hope is that we can catch up on some unfinished tasks and then tomorrow tackle the big job of rounding up the sheep and bringing most of them home. I currently have a flock of nearly thirty ewes, lambs, and ram. I plan to winnow it down to about eight ewes for the winter, plus a ram lamb that I hope to trade with my shepherd friend in Maine. (Lucy and I would carry one of our ram lambs with us when we go to look at colleges in Maine this fall. Doesn’t everyone look at colleges with a sheep in the back seat?)

All of this means I need to have my ram and lambs and extra ewes at the farm where they are easily accessible for buyers to look at and potentially purchase.

Catching and loading the sheep off Betty’s seven-acre open pasture is always a nightmare.

I will just have to grunt through it.


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