The Bunkhouse

… is now a materials shed (and in winter, also lawn tractor storage). I imagine eventually I will have finished all the long-term building projects on this property and have no need of materials storage, but for now the repurposed bunkhouse is very satisfying.

Six weeks ago there was lumber stacked thigh-high in the farm garage, and overflow stacked in the mudroom, in addition to the various tarped piles outdoors. The mess was distressing, having to climb over it with my creaky knees was never easy, and I lost track of exactly what pieces were in the pile. Moreover, if we are to move to a furnished house in two weeks (still up in the air), I will need the heated farm garage to store most of our possessions. So I had to come up with a plan.

In between other projects, Kyle and I have chipped away at the problem, an hour at a time. We cleared out the bunkhouse — sweating in the airless space under a hot tin roof. I built simple braces to use as lumber racks, we planned the layout, and Kyle put them up.

Today we finally finished sorting and stacking the lumber and scrap plywood, and stowing away the rolls of house wrap and roof underlayment. Another big project finished!


Kyle has become as addicted as I am to the joy of crossing things off the list.


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