A Good Night’s Sleep

The last week has been a relentless push. We had more than 200 guests on campus for the big school and camp reunion. Lunches and cocktail parties and dinners every night. Lucy had a friend as a house guest. There were two memorial services on Saturday — which brought many old friends and acquaintances I haven’t seen in years — and a real estate walk-through. In between, I’ve mucked and milked as usual, moved fences, mowed grass. I’ve shown sheep to buyers, and loaded sheep leaving to new homes. In all of this rush I have not been sleeping, getting up at 3 AM each day.

By yesterday, when the reunion was over, I was so tired I felt a little delirious. I had the strange sensation that thoughts would rise in my mind only to slide away before I could catch them, like eels. DH was just as exhausted but he got up at 4 AM dutifully and drove to Albany to catch a plane for China. (China!) Lucy woke up with a vomiting bug and spent the day limp on the sofa. I worked on the farm all day and the two of us had a quiet supper of toast. We were both in a stupor.

This morning my eyes snapped open at 1:30, my thoughts racing with the lists of everything that must be done in this last week of summer vacation before my teaching year starts. I looked at the clock with despair, got up, and took a Benadryl to knock myself out. It worked and I slept groggily until 6.

I feel much better today. DH emailed that he is safe in China. Lucy ate an apple muffin for breakfast. I have potential sheep buyers coming to the farm this morning. I have walked the dogs and made my day’s list.

I think I am going to make it.

2 Responses to A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Jack says:

    Im glad to hear that your gonna make it. Id sure miss you,if you didn’t.

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