A Break in the Action


The days have rushed by in a hurried blur: sorting, packing, moving, faculty orientation, meeting buyers at the farm, trying to nail down a myriad of family details in the interstices… I forgot that yesterday was Kyle’s 24th birthday. His family is away in Ireland for a wedding. Normally I’d have baked him a cake, but in these harried times, I not only don’t know where my cake pans are, the stove itself is buried under a stack of boxes. So I stuck a candle in his lunchtime Klondike bar.

Kyle has been a boon to my life this summer. During these humid, sweaty, pressured days of moving, he has been indispensable. My gratitude to Kyle (and God) is immense.

I packed until late and am up at 4 AM today to shower and drive Lucy to Maine for college visits. It was something of a comedy last night trying to locate basic items like loafers and underwear in the welter of moving. We will be back around midnight Friday.

I am eager to snap on my seat belt and get started. Though we will be covering a lot of highway miles, it will be a break from mess and decisions, a two-day respite with my girl.

One Response to A Break in the Action

  1. Newly says:

    Happy Birthday, Kyle! More good wishes and gratitude coming to you from a West family outpost in New Jersey.

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