I am still here, but my mood is unedifying so I haven’t wanted to write. Over-tired, cranky, more than a little self-pitying. (Ugh!)

We are still not moved. I need to finish emptying the apartment this weekend. I have no energy or motivation.

Of course I will take the dogs and go work on it anyway.

We hosted an all-staff party at the new house last night. Students return tomorrow. Classes start Monday.

After work next week I hope to be able to start unpacking. Next weekend I will tackle the garage.


*   *   *

An hour after writing the above, I was backing the truck to the apartment garage, to make it easier for me to load. Unfortunately, somehow instead I smashed into the garage, punching a significant hole in the siding and meanwhile obliterating my right rear light assembly and bending the back bumper so the truck tailgate does not open and close properly. I couldn’t believe it.

This brings home two ideas to me:

a) I am too tired.

b) One should never complain, as matters can always and so quickly and easily be worse.

p.s. I know they could be much worse than damaged siding and a damaged truck… but that was enough for today.


8 Responses to Unedifying

  1. Ned says:

    I’d go with too tired. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and the middle. Sooner or later something has to give. Glad it was just objects and not someone that got damaged.

    I hope there is a rest spell in your near future.

  2. Ned says:

    Hey Adkmilkmaid, are you still around? Hope your just taking a well deserved rest and your absence doesn’t mean something else. Starting to get a little concerned.

  3. RHB says:

    Miss reading your comments on this site. Hope you resume them soon.

  4. RHB says:

    Are we going to be reading more of your articles any time soon? I very much enjoyed reading them!!!!!!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you all for your kind comments. Got a little blue but am better now and hope to resume these posts.

      • RHB says:

        So glad to know you are doing better. I look forward to your future comments. May God Bless You!!!!!!!!

  5. Missy says:

    Hey, just stopping in periodically to see what’s happening. You’ve been quiet for a while, I’m hoping you’re ok and life is just busy for you. Missy 🙂

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Hi Missy! I hit a bit of a wall there for a while, but I am fine now. Hope all is well with you on the other side of the world!

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