Job News!

It continues to be extremely hectic here in the last weeks of school, but I am relieved to report that I’ve been told I get to keep my job next year teaching U.S. history to 7th and 8th graders. I have been a part-timer (no evening or weekend duties at this boarding school) and there had been a strong chance I would be let go due to budget cuts. I will have added responsibilities, including perhaps running an evening study hall, but I can hang onto my classes. Yahoo!

Not only is this good news for our bottom line, but it allows me to keep doing something I deeply enjoy. Often I get so excited, I talk so fast that I forget to swallow — and to my embarrassment I find myself almost drooling. My supervisor once observed, “These kids may someday have a better teacher, but they will never have a teacher more passionate.” This made me smile. I was born passionate.

Recently a Guatemalan student told me she had not been allowed to be in my 8th grade class last spring as I had thirty students and she had been informed there was “no room.” I told her indignantly that I’d have made room. “My idea of the perfect class would be standing room only, everyone jammed along the back wall like a rock concert, waving lighters!” All my students laughed. They know this is true.

I’m so grateful I get to do it for another year.


7th graders writing with goose quill pens by candlelight



2 Responses to Job News!

  1. Newly says:

    Great news! xoxo

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Last night I showed a bunch of students (not for class, as an extra) the movie SELMA. I was so touched. Several of my students from last year, when LBJ said, “And we SHALL overcome,” burst into singing “We shall overcome.” I teach the song to the 8th graders every year. These are the little things that fill me with happiness.

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