An Outdoor Day

I am excited to have a weekend off from school work, and am plotting my time hour by hour. Yesterday we had a little “fake rain” — barely enough to darken the dirt driveway and lay the dust — but this morning it is sunny. This afternoon it is due to thunderstorm, with 1-3″ of rain tomorrow. (Hooray! If it really happens I will be joyous.)

So today will be my day to start tackling my poor disheveled farm, which after the long winter months looks distinctly down-at-heel. Welcome to Poverty Hollow! Frost-heaved fence posts lean drunkenly. Windblown trash is caught in weeds. Snow fences sag on their posts. Gates removed for the winter lie sadly on the ground. Dead trees have broken and fallen over fences.

The barn needs mucking, the barn yard raking, the tangle of empty grain bags to be collected and tied for recycling. The water trough must be dumped and scrubbed, and winter rubber buckets washed and put away.

Realistically, I won’t get to it all, but I’m making the list and fixing my last cup of coffee.

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