Hot and So Dry


Most folks around here are ecstatic over our current weather — sunny and in the 80s by afternoon. Of course it’s a nice change after six months of dark and cold. However, I feel dread creeping into my chest. Above is the pond, dried to a few puddles.

Usually spring is mud season, as the snow and ice melt and mix with the spring rains. This year, we had almost zero snow, ice, or spring rains. We skipped mud season entirely.

These days the possibility of a serious drought is always in my mind.

Meanwhile the heat has brought out the flies. Every morning before work I bring the cattle into the dark coolness of the barn to escape them.

Stash and Toby pant on our trail hikes at the end of the day, and pause obligingly for me to catch up. However, we don’t rest long because in the woods the deer flies are also out.


Right now, every day is a push to graduation on Saturday. Exactly one week from today, my school year will be over.


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