Last Day

Today is graduation at my school. By 1 PM the children and parents and cars will all have left. The late nights will be over.

Before the ceremony at 9 AM, I have to walk the dogs, move the sheep, muck the barn, bring the cattle in out of the flies, and make myself presentable.

Graduation will run a little over two hours. After the ceremony there will be a reception with beautiful homemade food. The school kitchen has been baking and freezing goodies for weeks.

Seeing the cream puffs laid out has filled me with nostalgia.

Some of my most fun times came after graduation, when I would wrap leftover cream puffs in a paper napkin, shuck my dress and heels for jeans, and race down to the farm to work with Allen. At our coffee break he would eat the cream puffs and sigh happily.

What I would give to find Allen at work in my driveway today.

Allen frowning at rocks


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