Some Unexpected Help


Kyle is back — at least temporarily. There has been a snafu with his full-time job.

After a great summer working for me part-time, last fall he left me somewhat in the lurch. He took a full-time job in the midst of my move. It was a perfect job for him and I didn’t blame him at all for taking it. However, Kyle was very young and couldn’t be frank with either employer about his competing commitments. Thus suddenly he simply just didn’t show up for me. Then, remorseful, he promised to work for me on occasional weekends. We made plans two weeks in a row and both times he did not come or call. I was in such a place of bitterness in my own life, I had to mentally close the door and move on.

Now he needs work. A few have wondered why I’ve re-hired him after his sloppy leave-taking. The answer is that Kyle is talented, and though my summer list is long, these days I’m not under the same stresses. I will be grateful and happy to have his help a few days a week for however much time he is available, and will be sorry but not devastated when he leaves.

Besides, Kyle is also a very endearing character.


He makes me smile.




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