Lucy_HS grad 36

The weekend passed in a happy blur — and my baby girl has graduated from high school! It was a lovely, busy two days and a time to reconnect with loads of family. We felt blessed.

On Saturday were the athletic awards. Lucy won a pair of silver cups as the most valuable player on her nordic ski team and her track team (she was captain of both), and several other smaller awards. Earlier in the year she had been given the Archer Prize as St. Paul’s School’s top female scholar-athlete.


Here she is with the winner of the boy’s cup for nordic skiing.


That night, while Lucy attended her senior party, DH and I went out to a rollicking dinner with his extended family, many of whom live locally and have been very kind to Lucy during her time at school. It is amazing to me that I have known the Murphy clan for 33 years now. Some of the women in the front row were little children when I joined the family.


After a solemn and beautiful service in the chapel, Sunday morning felt a bit like the Marx Bros. stateroom scene — complete with dripping umbrellas as the blue skies changed to rain.

First our son Jon and his fiancée Amanda arrived from Connecticut. Moments later, DH and I were waiting in the drizzle for a campus bus when it pulled up and opened its doors to reveal his two sisters, Jody and Pam, and their husbands, Chris and Jim. Pam and Jim had flown up from Virginia to be part of the celebrations! Here we all are while eating lunch in the hockey rink.

Lucy_HS grad 32

Given the rain, the graduation ceremony was held in the school “cage” — its indoor track. Now DH’s Uncle Ed and Aunt Elaine arrived. DH has felt close to his uncle since he was a boy.

Lucy_HS grad 31

Then my sister Newly and her husband Don appeared, having driven up from Cambridge after attending her reunion at Wellesley College.


At last Lucy’s name was called.

Lucy_HS grad 24

Summa cum laude, elected to the national honor society!

Lucy_HS grad 03

We were so proud and happy for Lucy . . . and so very, very grateful to all the loving family who made such an effort to be part of her big day.

Lucy_HS grad 26-EDIT


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  1. Jay Ward says:


    Our Lucy graduates this Saturday


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