Catching Up

We drove home from graduation Sunday night in a slashing rain. Every inch of the car was jammed with the contents of Lucy’s dorm room. Rain drummed on the roof and the wipers could scarcely keep up. We got home at nearly ten and I headed to the farm for barn chores, finally getting to bed around midnight.

Monday morning we had a post-graduation breakfast and Lucy received her present from us: a sleeping bag! DH had taken Jon on a hiking trip to South America after his high school graduation ten years ago. Now he wanted to do the same for Lucy. Time and money are tight, but I’d been able to find frequent flyer tickets to Reno for the two of them for a grand total of $22. So Lucy and DH were going to head to Tahoe and Yosemite for a week of hiking and camping before her summer job starts.

I worked all day writing my last twenty student reports for school, finishing just before supper, when we celebrated my birthday, which actually had fallen the hectic week before. (I received a half dozen history books, used and new, so couldn’t have been happier.) After dinner, I baked a loaf of banana bread for their travel breakfast while DH and Lucy packed. For Lucy, it meant searching through her school bags, pulling items out, and repacking them in a backpack. Again it was nearly midnight before we got to bed.

A few hours later the alarm went off at 3:30 AM. I sliced the banana bread and made travel mugs of hot tea and cocoa for the car ride, and DH and Lucy were out the door, heading to the airport, by 4.

By this time the last two weeks of non-stop schedule, rush, and little sleep had caught up with me. I was a walking, smiling zombie. It took me until Tuesday afternoon to wind up the last of my school commitments, but finally I was done.

Yesterday I began carrying the pile of Lucy’s bags choking the entry upstairs to the third floor. I put away the tables and coolers still standing on the lawn from the party I hosted a week ago. I mucked the neglected barn, spread manure, and moved the sheep. I took the dogs for a long walk on the trails. I looked at house plans and wrote a lengthy email to the building company, detailing suggestions for changes.

Then I spent an hour writing my summer work list. It is four pages of typed, single-spaced, double columns. I am always calmer when I have my list written. I never achieve it all, but it is very soothing and cheering to see my aspirations neatly in print.


I’m on vacation!


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