On Tuesday I moved my sheep to Allen’s peninsula.

He built the peninsula in 2009, as a hiding place for thousands of rocks.


The whole peninsula is stone, five feet deep, held together behind a boulder retaining wall, with a thin skin of soil over the top. 


(Allen smoothing the dirt on a dark morning in October, 2009. Notice the garage is still unfinished all these years later! However, I comfort myself that the cabin has been moved.)

I didn’t have money for grass seed, and was distracted by many other projects, so progress has been slow. Here’s the peninsula in 2011.

However, after five years of mowing the weeds and feeding the ewes hay there every fall when they came in from summer pasture, today the front 3/4 is thick with timothy, sown by seeds dropped from the hay.

Though I was so tired I was in a brain fog, I looked at the contented sheep and could hear Allen in my mind telling me, “Throw some grass seed on it and your lambies can play up there.”


How happy he would be, to see it now.

   *    *    *

Today it is 39° F, windy, wet, and raw, and feels like 30°. I am so grateful for this week’s moisture, I don’t mind at all.


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