Out on Grass


Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours weedwhacking the fenceline of the north pasture in a dark, cold, windy drizzle — wearing foul weather gear over layers of sweaters, wool hat, and gloves — and by 3:30 PM I was able to turn the cattle out into it.


It’s always fun to see cows cavort at the sight of a large stretch of grass. Moxie, Elsa, and the steers Skippy and Olaf zoomed around the field, kicking and bucking. Even staid Moxie crow-hopped, her bag swaying from side to side.

With half an hour, however, they had calmed down and were eating contentedly. They didn’t even mind the chilly rain. Green grass and no flies: perfect cattle weather!


My grass is not yet very good, but the cows are happy to be out on it for the summer.

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