Quick Dash to Connecticut


Yesterday I moved the sheep in a dark foggy drizzle at 6 AM, unloaded the truck, dropped the dogs at the vet at 8, and was on the road to Connecticut by 8:30. Jon had found some free furniture on Craigslist and I drove down to provide another back and pair of hands plus the all-important pickup truck.

After a nice lunch of homemade pizza and salad, Jon, Amanda, and I drove off to tackle the furniture. What a team! We had the sofa and armoire loaded, unloaded, and wrestled down steep stairs, through doorways, and into place in under ninety minutes. We took a quick snapshot of the three of us, sweaty and victorious, on the truck tailgate. Then after hugs and kisses goodbye, I had to get on the road again.

Door to door, the trip was a little under twelve hours. It was rainy when I left, and just clearing when I returned after 8 PM. There were puddles on the farm driveway. (Thank you, God!)

The last few nights have been late ones. I am a little tired. Though I have plenty to do today, I think I will make another cup of coffee before I write my list.


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