On Second Thought

… I weedwhacked the whole plot of nettles.

I started pulling them but after pulling up 100 plants I had only advanced about six inches into the fifteen-foot long thicket. I had also underestimated the claustrophobia I would feel, surrounded by four-foot plants with stinging leaves, even covered head to toe with rubber rain gear, gloves, and hat. Every time I bent to pull more nettles up by the roots, I was uneasily aware that my face was nearly brushing disaster.

Instead, I backed out, set up my weedwhacker with fresh brush blades, and waded back in, swinging the weedwhacker like a scythe and singing along with my iPod:  “It is Well With My Soul.”


2 Responses to On Second Thought

  1. Michele says:

    I hate nettles! We battle them every year.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      My plan is to move out the balsams and daylilies and then have my friend Damon flatten the area so I can mow it every two weeks. I THINK mowing will take care of them in that particular area, and I’m going to try to pull them as soon as possible everywhere else. It’s war! 🙂

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