Still So Slow!


I am amazed by how consistently I seriously underestimate the time necessary for a job, and also how consistently I overlook how much time is required simply to cover the normal farm and family caretaking tasks of my life.

Every day I am surprised when it is nearly 1 PM before I can start work in the back field. Every day I am disappointed when I work for four or five hours and my progress is infinitesimal. I apologize to the cattle when I turn them out once more to hay.

Yesterday I hung about 2400 feet of new top line all the way around the field, adjusting the insulators. Then I realized it did not make sense to hang the new lower lines before weedwhacking the weeds, three feet high in places, that would short the charge and make weedwhacking more difficult. So, I took down the old lines, winding the good rope onto spools and collecting the worn-out for the trash. I made some mixed gas. I changed the blades on my weedwhacker. And then I weedwhacked for a couple of hours, until my hands were numb and tingling.


I got a quarter of the field ready for new lines, before quitting at 5:30 to do evening chores and drive home to cook dinner.

I’m eager to be back at it today, but trying not to be wildly unrealistic.


3 Responses to Still So Slow!

  1. Shawn says:

    I like your spool. Where did you find those? I need to buy some as my homemade ones are pitiful.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you, Shawn. I bought it years ago from Premier1Supplies. It is a workhorse and also has a strap/axle contraption that goes around your neck so you can walk and wind/unwind. Worth the expense over the years. πŸ™‚

  2. Shawn says:

    Thank you. I will pull their catalog out. πŸ™‚

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