The Cattle Are Out

…on the back field, as of 9 PM last night. After a day of driving guests and doing errands in town, I began working on the fence in late afternoon. I had to stop to cook dinner and then while DH took Lucy and one of our guests to the movies, I returned to the farm. Stash kept me company as I walked the field perimeter with heavy reels of rope slung around my neck, hanging lines on all the fence posts.


At last all the ropes were up. The daylight was fading fast when I turned the cattle out. They stood in the barnyard, looking for hay, until I drove out to the back field and stood at the open gate, calling.

Elsa was the first to investigate.


Then all four began to trot toward me, ears swiveled forward in curiosity.


When they saw the open gate, they burst into a run.


Whee! The light was too low for decent photos, but here is Skippy racing into the field.


Elsa watched him go. In another moment, she was galloping to catch up with the boys.

Even Moxie began to canter.


I wired the last gate as the cattle ran around bucking and kicking in the gathering darkness, too excited to eat.

I will have to bury the conduit in the coming week, replace some temporary connectors, and wire a new charger, but when I had 5000 volts on the fence I was satisfied for the night. I drove out by headlights at 9:30 PM.

The back field is fenced at last.

2 Responses to The Cattle Are Out

  1. Shawn says:

    Way to go! I know how good that feeling is when you turn them into a new pasture. Bet you smiled all the way home.

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