What’s Next?

I’ve spent two days catching up on mowing. There is more to do (there is always more mowing to do) but I have to get back to my list. Mowing is invisible maintenance, like folding laundry or changing beds. It doesn’t appear on the list anywhere. I enjoy mowing, and it’s necessary, but I am craving the satisfaction of crossing something off.

Perhaps I’ll bury the wire under the four gates leading to the back field. That’s not an exciting project but once it’s done I can start spreading manure again. Yes, burying the wire in conduit would be the mature, disciplined thing to do.

What I really want to do is start work on the garden under Allen’s wall. Damon spread topsoil and compost in the garden area on Memorial Day. I told him my plans and he jeered at me, “Yeah? Next time I see it, it’ll be covered with weeds!” Yesterday was the Fourth of July. Sure enough, the whole rocky length is carpeted with jewelweed.


Though messy, this is actually encouraging, because as you can see to the left in the photo, the lunar soil of the backyard itself can barely sustain life.

The “garden” is a little over 200 feet long. It is 2 feet wide at the top, spreading steadily to 8-10 feet wide at the bottom. Math is not my strong suit, but I think there is about 1000 square feet of garden space.

Of course, “cope with jewelweed” isn’t on the list (written in May) either. However it must happen so the whole project can be brought under control, then to proceed in an orderly fashion. I am eager to figure out how best to tackle it.

Perhaps, after I move the sheep, muck the barn, bring the cattle in, and walk the dogs, I will bury wire on two gates, and then move up to the garden — to poke around and ponder.

These are the little deals I make with myself as I push through the days.

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