Losing the Plot

The last few days have been discouraging with broken tools (truck, Allen’s mower, Craftsman mower) and multiple competing claims on my time. To make progress, I must maintain mental discipline. On Thursday and Friday I lost the plot a bit. The horror and sadness in the wider world weighed on my heart. In the brief snatches of time between carpooling, I could not make myself weed the garden in the oppressive heat. Everything felt sad and futile.

My feed on Facebook is filled with posts from friends whose views on race, sexuality, politics, and climate change are starkly opposed to mine. This has always been true, but these days the rhetoric on both sides of the divide is charged with rage. I feel it is important to nourish connections rather than focus on differences, to understand how good people come to such different beliefs, so I have always read all opinions. Yesterday I saw a post shared by a good friend whom I have looked up to for over a decade. It began, “Barack Obama is a cop-hating terrorist.” My heart plummeted.

Today I will try to focus on small things close to home.

6 Responses to Losing the Plot

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    I have some very intelligent friends who will be voting for Donald Trump because he’s Republican. They fail to realize Don has been in every party! I rather they vote for Daffy Duck if they won’t vote for Hilary…needless to say we don’t discuss politics!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      I have quite a few friends who are supporting Donald Trump also, mostly because he is Not Hillary. I can respect a difference of opinion. What discourages me is the level of vitriol expressed on all sides in these issues.

  2. ned says:

    I am a staunch Constitutional Conservative but have friends and family from the opposite mind set. As a society we have lost the ability to look at the facts and then have a civil debate without hate and name calling.

    I am a political and history junky. As for the Presidential race, I’ve been following the Clintons ever since Bill ran for President the first time. We have seen time and again that rules don’t apply to them and they have no moral character and are guided strictly by power. Trump, I don’t know that he is much better. He wasn’t even on my radar during the primary. I’ll admit that I considered not voting at all. That would be counter productive because today we have given the Supreme Court more power than was intended. That being the case I feel I have no choice but to vote for Trump in the hopes that he will appoint Constitutionalists to the Court. Some would call them Originalists. The Constitution is only a living document in that it can be amended through the amendment process and conventions. We now allow it to be reinterpreted and the meaning changed without following the processes given that called for a long debate and 38 states.

    I am a process person, not one who believes the end justifies the means.

    I am very afraid for our country because too many do everything in their power to keep us at each others throats. They gain much wealth and power in doing so at the expense of our blood and freedom.

    I know this is not a political blog so back to a lighter topic. How are the animals doing? Are you milking? You haven’t mentioned it so I’m guessing not but thought I’d ask.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Ned, I live in a rural, conservative area and have many, many conservative friends. I am what those friends call a “bleeding heart liberal.” 🙂 I am not excited about Hillary Clinton; I’ve suffered from Clinton Fatigue since the 1990s. However I have a hard time with Donald Trump as a candidate for any party because he seems to me to be a frighteningly unstable person. Still, I always respect the right to different opinions and try hard to keep my mind open to listening to opposing points of view. Take good care, Ned!

      • ned says:

        You may be a “bleeding heart liberal” but you are, from what I can tell, a very hard working, intelligent, and big hearted woman. I respect that. In fact I believe that many of our goals would be nearly the same only differing on how we achieve them. I’m sure we could engage in some lively conversations.
        Take care.

      • adkmilkmaid says:

        Hi Ned: I thought I replied and see now that it didn’t post. Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree about lively conversations — the best kind. 🙂

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