Summer Haircut


My standard poodle, Stash, is happier now that he has been clipped. His curls were actually a month longer than in the above photograph.

Who wants to wear a heavy black wool coat in this heat? Forget hiking — Stash would be panting just lying in the kitchen. I’d frequently find him stretched out on the cool ceramic tiles of the bathroom shower stall.

Now he’s light and free and easy.


A sweet woman in her 80s who loves poodles exclaimed, “You don’t even let him have a pom-pom on his tail!?”, as though I were a child torturer.

Nope. Stash is a farm dog.


One Response to Summer Haircut

  1. Missy says:

    It must have been the week for haircuts! We have a black mini poodle, who looks pretty much the same as Stash, except smaller. She had her winter haircut yesterday and her hair was pretty long too. I was dreading doing her, knowing that when I leave it too long she gets gobs of fine fluff between all her tight curls, which clogs up the clippers and makes the trimming almost impossible. I’m pleased to report the job got done and there was no fluff in sight! Yay for small victories!

    Have a happy day!

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