Fencing the Cabin Field (Again)


Last evening at dusk, I turned the cattle into the cabin field. I had worked for several hours yesterday to fence it (and put temporary fencing around the cabin, to keep them off the porch).

I actually had this tiny field fenced last summer. Unfortunately, only a few days after I finished sweating to get the fencing up, Kyle misunderstood an instruction and ripped it all down in fifteen efficient minutes. When I walked out of the barn and saw all the steel fence posts lying on the ground, I’d thought I might faint.

It is always hard for me to be patient with mistakes, harder still to be patient with mistakes I am paying for. However I have learned over many years to (mostly) control my temper. Besides, I make so many mistakes myself that I have become slightly philosophical.

Still, it’s encouraging to regain this bit of lost progress.



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