Inching Along


I am pulled in many different directions this summer, rushing from chore to chore. I could not make it through a day without my clipboard thick with lists, and wake up in the night worrying I’ve forgotten something crucial. However, I’m slowly making progress on many fronts, including the future garden.

Yesterday I cleaned sods out of about a third of the wall (skipping the top where the yellow jackets are nesting). I know Allen would be pleased.


3 Responses to Inching Along

  1. Ned says:

    If you have a clear bowl or cake tray cover you can set it over the entrance to the yellow jacket nest and they will die out. No poison needed. It might take a week or so but it works. For a while it looks like a popcorn machine as they fly up trying to get out through the glass. When you see no more activity give it a few more days to make sure any newly hatched wasps are trapped. The first time I did this I took the cover off early and a couple days later I noticed a few wasps at the entrance so I put the cover back on for a little longer.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thanks, Ned. While I always try to take the predator point of view, and do everything to maintain the balance of nature, that attitude evaporates with hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. Those I attack right back, generally with RAID. I sprayed that nest two days ago and am going to poke around it today to see if I was successful.

  2. Shawn says:

    It looks so nice. Well done!

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