A Visit from the Number One Son


… and his bride-to-be. Jon and Amanda arrived Thursday afternoon and are staying at the farm. The photo above was taken yesterday morning, when they were having coffee on the deck.

Though by afternoon it would hit 90°, it was chilly before the sun rose. Their dog Teddy snuggled with Amanda…


… and later went for walks, as did their cat, Max.


Yesterday afternoon I encouraged Jon and Amanda to take out the small canoe belonging to this lake house. Jon did a lot of canoeing as a child. However, he’s a lot bigger now, and when he stepped into the small canoe it promptly flipped. He came up from the water wet and laughing.

When he next tried to climb into the back seat, the canoe sank! I managed to get this photo between my own spasms of lying down on the lawn, laughing helplessly.


At last we got the canoe bailed, Jon in the front, and the soon-to-be newlyweds (their wedding is in October) headed off for a paddle.


DH is away in the mountains for a week and Lucy and I are both working, but all the kids and I have come together every evening for dinner and Netflix.

It’s been a casual, relaxed time — a great visit.



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