Shopping Day


My future daughter-in-law, Amanda, drove up from Connecticut yesterday, and she, Lucy, and I all drove north to the small city of Plattsburgh for a day of college shopping for Lucy.

While we were in the city, the girls helped me choose vinyl flooring for a big project (more on this later). I have hated the idea of using vinyl rather than hardwood, which I can’t afford, but the girls were supportive and cheering. It was great to watch them on the floor with samples, working together efficiently, discussing the pros and cons of all the options. They both have clear opinions — so helpful to me who am so often muddled and anxious when decisions have to be made.

We had Subway sandwiches at the mall before tackling Lucy’s wardrobe.


It was a very long day. I had waked up at 2:30 AM so I felt almost delirious with exhaustion by the time we got home. (I prepared dinner with the intention of having it roast while I was doing barn chores. I returned from the farm to find I’d forgotten to put it in the oven!) Lucy has picked up a bad cough and she grew steadily sicker through the evening. Still, we accomplished everything on the list and had a happy family day to boot.




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