Summer is Ending


At 6 AM I heard children cheering from the summer camp across the lake. The campers leave today. The seven weeks have flown by. There will be a memorial service for a long-time staffer on the lawn here tomorrow. The big four-day school and camp reunion starts Wednesday (I am girding myself for daily tours through this house). Lucy’s last day at her summer job is Friday. We drive her to start college Sunday.

I have been hot and sleepless and tired for most of this week. Now I am getting sick with Lucy’s sore throat and cough. I have been discouraged. Despite all my efforts and lists, it seems as if I have made little visible progress at the farm this summer. Everywhere I look there is work undone, weeds taking over, paint peeling, repairs not made. This despite my not taking a single day’s rest — or even a nap — since the beginning of June.

I was cheered to drive in from our college shopping trip to find Damon had mowed half the back field. (The rest is too rocky to risk the tractor and I will do it with Allen’s small pull-mower.) The sight reminded me that in fact, I had gained ground: the back field now has a permanent perimeter fence. That’s big.

I have also kept the sheep at the farm all summer, grazing and improving my own acres. That’s progress, too.

I have (mostly) taught Lucy to drive.

I remind myself that E. B. White proposed the name for a song: “Keep Your Dreams Within Reason.”



4 Responses to Summer is Ending

  1. Newly says:

    “Keep your dreams within reason.” Amen, sister! xoxo

  2. Shawn says:

    Your pasture looks really good!! Be encouraged, you are making progress!

  3. Jay Ward says:

    Who is the longtime staffer that you referred to that passed?


    Sidney “Jay” Ward III


    Ward Lumber

    697 Glen Road, Jay, NY 12941

    (518) 946-2110, Ext. 141

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