Feeding Hay


Though the grass in the north and south pastures is still green (unlike that in the back field), it is barely regrowing with the drought and the end of summer. I have started feeding hay to the sheep as well as the cows. Every day I move the sheep to a fresh rectangle of grass. The sheep quickly graze off the tender green and then fill up on hay.

I have 100 bales of last year’s second-cut: “candy hay,” as I have always called it. Soft and sweet and delicious. All the animals adore it.

The question facing me is: do I feed candy hay, and boost the growth of my lambs, or feed regular hay, full of stems and seeds — which will lead to a lot of waste, boosting the growth of my pasture?

I am a pushover, so of course I started with candy for the lambs.


Though my head feels better, the cough has settled in my chest and I have paroxysms of barking when I can scarcely catch my breath. Greeting so many old acquaintances at the big camp and school reunion these past few days, I’ve felt I should have a DANGER! sign hung around my neck to ward off our instinctive hugs.

Yesterday, Lucy’s last day of ski team practice was followed by the last day of her summer job. After the reunion dinner last night, she and I folded laundry, marked items with Sharpie, and began packing her bags for college.


2 Responses to Feeding Hay

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Selden that cough sounds like whooping cough or bronchitis. Coughing so hard is exhausting!

    Please give Lucy a hug for us. we can’t believe she is going to college.Starting a whole new chapter of her life, you and David did a wonderful job! Kudos to you…

  2. Missy says:

    I think your black faced sheep are beautiful. They remind me of “Mary had a little lamb” sheep.

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