Back to Real Life


All summer we’ve had a half dozen Canada geese on the lake — a pair or two of adults and their goslings. Yesterday morning, with much honking, reinforcements flew in. Now we have a flotilla.

For people in the suburbs, rafts of Canada geese are nothing new. In fact, geese are pests on lawns and golf courses. But these on the lake are not tame suburban geese, they are wild ones, gathering their strength and numbers for the hard flight south. Their cries from high overhead are haunting. The Long Cold is on its way! Join us! The Long Cold is coming!

Today meetings for my school year as a teacher start. My summer for big projects on the farm is over. The list of things I didn’t get to remains very long. However, I comfort myself that I pushed day after day and never slacked.

God willing, there’s always next year.



2 Responses to Back to Real Life

  1. Missy says:

    I hope you get a great bunch of kids this year and have lots of time to keep working on your home projects.

  2. RHB says:

    Is there a reason why you are no longer posting on your Fairhope Farm site? I miss the daily posts. Please let us know ASAP. Thank You, RHB

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