A  month ago DH and I looked at our calendar for October, entirely scribbled over with commitments big and small, and told each other, “We just need to get through until the 23rd.” Yesterday, October 22, was an important all-day board meeting for DH, and I was to host a cocktail party here at the house. After that we would be practically carefree.

It began to snow yesterday at 3 PM. I did barn chores early. Our guests started arriving at 4:30. By 6:30 it was obviously a storm and the group was due at a restaurant in town. A caravan of cars started out.

I hate driving in snow and rarely dine out. My knuckles were white as I gripped the steering wheel. Traffic crept through the dark at 20 m.p.h. Cars were fishtailing all over the road in the heavy, wet slush. Visibility was terrible. DH said mildly, “Are you OK?” I said, “I cannot believe I am risking my life to go out to eat!” I longed to be safe at home with a peanut butter sandwich.

When we drove back three hours later the plows had been out. Walking the dogs before bed, I waded around the yard to all the young birch trees bent over under the snow, and shook them free. It was still snowing.

The electricity went out at 2 A.M. Every room in this big old house has a fire alarm with a power-failure warning. Every alarm in every room went off every twenty seconds for the rest of the night. Sleep was impossible. I finally got up at 4:00 AM and boiled water for coffee by candlelight.

I drove down to the farm for barn chores at 7:30.


It was beautiful… and windy.


I walked out and knocked snow off the sheep shelters. My farm is not ready for winter. Mowers, shelters, temporary fences, tools… Nothing is put away.


I pray the snow melts this week. The list for next weekend will be huge.

Thankfully, the power has now been restored. I am grateful, as today I have teacher reports to write, as well as my new responsibilities. Unfortunately, after last night’s alarms my energy is at a slightly low ebb.



2 Responses to Snow!

  1. RHB says:

    I am so very glad to see you posting again. I enjoy them…..keep um coming!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    You must feel like the walking dead! It must seem overwhelming at times…

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