Free! Wheeeee!

The past five or six weeks have been so hectic, on the heels of a tightly scheduled summer, that I’ve been breathless and tired. However, we have made it through October!

And though it has blown snow on and off for the past week, the six inches of wet snow predicted for Thursday night (when I had to work until 9 PM) turned into only one and a half, the temperatures have risen above freezing, and I have this weekend to catch up on some of the chores I’ve dropped in the last month and left undone.

Damon is coming tomorrow to work with me with his excavator, setting fence posts. I should also receive a hay delivery. Today is my day for everything else on the farm, at work, and at home. My list is huge but to be able to make my own plan, not constantly checking the clock in anxiety, feels like amazing freedom.

Wheeeeee! Happy, happy!


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