Snow and More Snow


It snowed all day yesterday and we got about ten inches of heavy, wet powder. Hooray for the land (we have been in a frightening drought) and for our small tourist town that depends on skier traffic to survive.

I worked outside in the weather in two-hour bursts. Though the temperature was only slightly below freezing, my clothes were soon soggy and in the wind it was not much fun. Luckily, the ground is not yet frozen and I could still drive T-posts. I set up a snow fence in the knoll field with numb fingers.


This is my attempt to avoid the drifts that sweep off the knoll to bury the barn paddock fence in a normal winter. Here’s February, 2015:


Breaking out the fence every day before work to keep a charge in the lines normally adds a sweaty and tedious half hour to my day.


I am not sure the snow fence will solve the problem. The packaging says to set the fence 60 feet from the area to be protected. Online sources recommend double that. I compromised on 80 feet. We shall see.

The animals were not particularly happy to be out in the blowing snow. Here is my ewe Geranium giving me a “Really?” look shortly before I brought them all in early for the night at 3 PM.



6 Responses to Snow and More Snow

  1. RHB says:

    As is said: A woman’s work is never done…..LOL

  2. RHB says:

    I am confused…… mentioned 10″ of snow……however it appears that in at least one picture the snow is just below the posts you put up. Are each of these pictures from November 2016?

  3. Ned says:

    I’m exhausted just reading your post. I hope the snow fence works for you. Shoveling snow is no fun.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi there dear lady – we use snowfence all over here as we have few trees and lots of drifting from wind and life that can close in our roads. About 80-100 feet is perfect for drifts so I think you will be happy
    Your friend from KFC – simplynaturalfarm 🙂

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