A Different Thanksgiving

This is the first year of my life when I have no Thanksgiving plans. My loved ones are scattered: Lucy in Canada with her college team and Jon and Amanda in Connecticut. Though I know I could have gathered a group around our table, and I know it would have been good to invite some older lonely friends, I was simply too tired to host the usual feast. I am going to roast a turkey, cook my mother’s sweet potatoes, and bake a pecan pie, but DH and I will have a quiet day, just the two of us and the dogs.

This has been a challenging year of work and worry, little sleep and a lot of stress, when sometimes it has been hard to remember to count my blessings. However those blessings are many. DH and I are together and we both have jobs. Jon married the love of his life in a beautiful celebration, officially bringing Amanda, another blessing, into our family. Lucy is happy at college. None of us have a deadly illness. Our house has been started and by next summer we should have our own home.

When the pace feels punishing, I’m anxious and can’t sleep, it is easy to lose sight of all these privileges.

Today I will listen to hymns as I work and will remember to be grateful.


4 Responses to A Different Thanksgiving

  1. RHB says:

    I am so glad to read your posts. They are a highlight of my day. Remember……God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Jack Merritt says:

    We do have much to be grateful for, I like your positive outlook. At times it is good to thank Jehovah for what we have, and pray for those who don’t have the blessing’s that we have.

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