Pulp Fiction

My Pilgrim geese have been on Craigslist for months. I made the mistake of holding them for a woman who promised to buy them. She later backed out and did not respond to my inquiries.

Last night I received the following email:

I have 5 geese — 4 females and one male who is the same color as the females and who is sterile. Poor females sit on their eggs and nothing happens. Will you consider selling a male to me? I had a white male goose, but a loud raccoon killed him at night. I baited the raccoon and shot him through the patio screen door from my recliner at 1:30 A.M. Thanks.


I’m not sure which detail makes this story so gripping. “From my recliner”? “Through the patio screen door”? “1:30 AM”? I can picture the whole scene, the man lying in his recliner in the dark with a gun trained on his screen door.

Phil is a pithy writer. However, I’m just as glad I have no ganders to sell.


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