Inching Forward With Framing


It snowed most of the day Thursday. Jerry was not in — his old car at 240k miles did not pass inspection — and so at lunchtime I pitched in to help with a few of Jerry’s gophering jobs, mostly shoveling snow off the deck. (Mike said, “Jer, your cigarette is missing!”) Nick and Mike worked on interior framing as big feathery snowflakes fell.

Here is the hall doorway into the kitchen and dining room. I remember sitting at my desk last summer, asking the architect to move the window east eighteen inches to line up with the doorway for a long view. So exciting to see it coming to life!


And, as always, there was measuring and remeasuring. Nick and his father are very, very careful.


Yesterday was a beautiful blue day. I drove Damon to the hospital for tests. He has diabetes and has struggled with a non-healing wound in his foot for over a year. Twice they have operated.  He has had IV antibiotics and a wound vac. Still the foot has not healed. They (and I) have urged him to try the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but he is claustrophobic and in the past refused to consider it. Yesterday I took him for a test run. My job was to pat his shoulder. I think he will do fine.

When I returned to the farm, I found all the second floor joists were up in the east end of the house.


Just as I arrived, the boom truck dropped into place the big beam that will carry the floor joists in the west end.


This beam will also subtly define the dining room area from the living room.

The forecast has changed to days of frozen mix and freezing rain through next Tuesday, so the last hour of work was spent stretching and stapling tarps over every inch of the subflooring, and covering the waiting joist lumber. Quiet Jerry cracked a rare joke to me. He jerked his thumb at the tarped kitchen: “Got your floor in!”


Lucy is home, Jon and Amanda have arrived, there are presents to wrap, a turkey to thaw, bread and pies to bake!

The house project is on hold until next week. Merry Christmas!



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