First Floor Framed


This has been a challenging week for my house builders. Snow, rain, ice, more snow — but most of all, the high winds that accompanied the yo-yoing temperatures. Nick and Mike tried tacking up a tarp across the west side of the frame but it billowed and snapped and finally blew down. Fourteen-foot 2x10s were torn from Jerry’s hands and sent spinning. However, they patiently persevered.


Once all the second-floor joists were up, the rest of the interior wall frames could be erected.

I walked through one evening after the builders left, on my way home from visiting Damon in the hospital, before doing barn chores. It was so exciting to step into the little rooms, to run my glove over the future wall of the stairwell, to peek into the future pantry.


I continue to worry that I made mistakes with the design, that I didn’t foresee something obvious. However, mostly I marvel that after all these years it appears increasingly certain that we will indeed have our own house. My feet want to do a little tap dance on the snowy tarps.


Yesterday it was again snowing and blowing. (The worst of the wind was stopped by OSB tacked up over the future west windows.) Nick, Mike, and Jerry toiled on regardless.


By the end of the day the blocking was finished. The first-floor rough framing is done!



2 Responses to First Floor Framed

  1. Shawn says:

    How exciting! I know it is hard to believe when something you’ve waited so long to have, finally comes to fruition. You deserve it. Mostly I’m amazed by what your builders work in. Where I’m at, they would never start a project that late because they wouldn’t work in those conditions. (guess that makes us wimpy LOL)

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