Second Floor Delivery!

Yesterday was a big day.

The second floor deck was lifted into place — “Coffee shot!” yelled Nick as he threw back the last of his coffee —


before guiding the decking to a safe landing spot.


Meanwhile Northern Design delivered the wall panels for the second floor.


Nick was in a cheerful mood. His father-in-law had told me Nick had a capacity for singing and humor, but I’d never seen it. He has always been careful to be serious, reserved, and business-like. Yesterday, however, his smile flashed. Snow was blowing in our faces. “We’re singing in the snow, just singing in the snow —” Nick sang, and teased his father at the controls of the boom truck with ridiculous hand signals. “If we can’t have fun, what can we have?” he asked me, laughing.

I think Nick is justifiably proud of the excellent work they are doing. “Everything’s going great so far!” he exclaimed. I have been so anxious for so long, that it has occurred to me only belatedly that Nick, too, has probably worried. Both of us are relieved to see the walls going up.


The men kept a torpedo heater on the heights with them all day, its roaring flame directly pointed at the glue gun, to ensure their glue would not freeze. They also carried up a snow shovel, to clean the joists. By the end of the day, the entire deck was glued and nailed down.

Over this New Year’s holiday weekend we’re due for more days of snow and then freezing rain, so it may be a while before the work starts again.


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