Buttoning Up for Ice


Yesterday morning it was 2° F at morning chores but almost 40° by afternoon. Everything was melting, and the building crew took the opportunity to get everything snug before today’s coming ice.

All the lower exterior sheathing was cut and fitted.

On Sunday while I was mucking the sheep stall, Nick had come to work and shoveled 95% of the snow out of the first floor. Yesterday, he, Mike, and Jerry removed the floor tarps and swept out the last drifts of snow. They tacked plastic over the window frames (on the west wall, shown below, they left OSB to block the wind).


It is starting to look like a real home site.


I’m almost ready to move my desk and bookshelves into the office.


The tarps from these floors were shaken out and carried to the second floor deck, where they were tacked down with 2x6s and nails (the builders have learned the force of the winds here). We are slated to have freezing rain for two days — the men probably won’t be able to work — and then a return to cold. It would not be helpful to have a second floor skating rink when it’s time for the next round of walls to go up.

I spent most of yesterday doing paperwork to return to teaching today. After this long vacation when I twice slept until 5:30 AM, today my eyes popped open at 2:15, my brain whirring. DH got up a few minutes later. We’re back on the job.


2 Responses to Buttoning Up for Ice

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Selden it is so exciting watching your house coming together! The carpenters’ have a true work ethic which you don’t see much anymore….kudos to them.

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