A Little Brisk

It is 7° F this morning. Yesterday we had wind gusts of up to 55 mph. This is not ideal weather for building, or even for being outside. Last night when I let the cows into the barn, Moxie’s every step was accompanied by a sound like castanets. It was ice balls clicking on her fetlocks.

The first-floor exterior walls were covered in house wrap on Monday. Given the sleet, snow, and wind, the project has made no visible progress since then. The daily highs for the next few days are due to be 15°, 13°, 8°, and 14° F. The farm is coated in thick plate ice with a thin skim of snow on top, like powdered sugar.

I am trying to be patient with the cold and the short dark days of gloomy skies. I know 7° is actually not very cold for Lake Placid in January. I remind myself that often it’s -25° at this time of year. I tell myself to count my blessings.

In the meantime I pull on extra layers and try not to eye the lonely house site too yearningly.


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