Creeping Upward


Yesterday was clear and cold. The high was due to be 14° F, so I did not know if the men would be working. However, when I arrived at the farm after work for evening chores I found the beginnings of our second story. The rear half of the exterior walls are up!

The building currently looks rather like a fortress, as when they wrapped it in Tyvek they did not cut out the window and door openings in the first floor and basement. The housewrap will block the weather until the windows and doors actually arrive and can be installed.


These openings on the second-floor south wall are our bathroom window, the children’s bathroom window, and Lucy’s bedroom double window. Lucy lived in a very dark bedroom for her first eighteen years and our stay in this lake house (where she has a wide south window) has given her an appreciation of light. A sunny bedroom was her only request when I was planning the house.

Here is 2/3 of the west wall with our bedroom windows, which face the mountains.


Mike built a temporary door and he and Nick added insulation to the basement to hold in the warmth of a torpedo heater. After months of eating in their trucks, Mike said, “We need a lunch room!”


The basement is now also a tool storage and work space. The tent canopy they had been using was not only too cold for winter but in one of our windstorms was crushed into a tangle of bent metal pipes — now forlornly sticking out of a snowbank.

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