Second Floor North


When I got down to the farm after teaching yesterday, I found the builders hard at work. I was a bit surprised, given the cold.

“I didn’t know if you’d be working today!” I called up to them.

“Why not?”

“Well, 18 or 20 below zero —”

“Ah, that’s nothing,” Mike said.

“It’s when there’s wind that it’s a problem,” explained Nick. “We can deal with cold.”

They were fitting in place the north wall of the second floor. In the photo below Mike and Nick are standing in the frame of Jon and Amanda’s bedroom window.


There was the usual attention to precision, setting up a pry bar to push for the last 1/8″ for a perfect fit.


The house currently looks quite peculiar . . .


. . . and when anxiety flares, I remind myself to trust the design. However, over the years my spatial sense has been proved dead wrong so often that I check the drawings anyway.


Oh, okay.

The weather report called for snow and 40 mph winds this afternoon. While I mucked the barn, the men used the boom truck to start lifting more wall sections to the second floor. Nothing can be lifted when the wind is blowing.


Just as they finished, the clouds parted for a brief moment of sunshine.


I took it for a good omen.


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