Home for a Race Weekend

On Thursday Lucy came home for a ski race weekend, bringing her college ski team for dinner. It had been a very hectic teaching week for me so arranging to feed sixteen required some fancy footwork and cooking at 5 AM.

I made a big pan of vegetarian chili and a big pan of black beans and rice for burritos, baked two platters of cornbread, prepared a big bowl of salad, and baked two pans of brownies (one with nuts, one without) to go alongside a gallon of ice cream. Lucy was anxious that I’d made too much. I told her calmly that I’d been feeding crowds for thirty years and the worst thing at a party was to have bad food or not enough.

The kids poured into the house.


In under an hour, every scrap was vacuumed up except a few leaves of lettuce and a lone slice of cornbread.


I was, of course, teaching on Friday, the first day of the college carnival races. Lucy had a great day in the sprint. She was the top-scoring racer for her team, the St. Lawrence Saints.


Yesterday I went out to the course to watch her 5k race. In general, I am the behind-the-scenes sherpa for Lucy’s sporting events. I drive carpools, I fix the food. DH drives the hours to attend. However, this race was almost literally in our backyard and I wanted to cheer for my girl.

Here she is, warming up with stretches before her number is called for the start.


Ready, set…


“Go, Lulu!” I screamed as she skied off into the woods. I found I had tears in my eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, she flew back into the stadium, skiing hard for the finish. Here she is after surrendering her bib.


She stopped to speak to her coach, who was pleased.


Lucy’s secret goal was to finish in the top 20 (out of 130) college racers in the northeast. This is a big reach for a freshman in her first college carnival races.

She did it both days.


Sports mean little to me. (I did not grow up in a sports-oriented family. I played baseball in neighborhood backyards and tennis at the beach.) However, hard work means a lot — and Lucy has worked and worked.

I am so happy for her.

3 Responses to Home for a Race Weekend

  1. Jody says:

    Way to go Lucy!

    And you can never make too much food for young athletes-your post brought back all my years of hosting pasta parties! Such fun to fill the house with enthusiastic, high energy, and always polite and grateful hungry kids!

  2. Jane Welker says:

    She looks fantastic!! Way to go Lucy!! 🙂 Those sports reporters are really going to be schooled on spelling out Hochschartner for the next few years!! Yay! 🙂

  3. Elaine Murphy says:

    Good job Lucy! Please let us know when you race in our area…😄

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