A Great Finish



On Sunday Lucy had one more race. This was the Harry K. Eldridge Memorial, a race commemorating a former head of our school and tireless promoter of nordic skiing who died in the 1980s at only 50 years old. Lucy was born long after Harry’s death but has grown up hearing about the race and regularly skiing “Harry’s hill.” She also has known Harry’s widow, Betty (on whose fields I pastured my sheep for years), all her life.

Lucy went out fast and kept it up for all 10k. In the end she was beaten by a racer in her mid-20s and came in second. Here she is being interviewed at the finish…


… and smiling at me. It was her third straight day of racing.



As the top junior (under 20) racer of the weekend, Lucy won the honor of having her name inscribed on the Harry K. Eldridge memorial cup.


Betty has had serious health problems but was able to be at the ceremony and give Lucy a hug.


What a weekend!  I was very happy for my girl.


3 Responses to A Great Finish

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    All right Lucy! What a beautiful picture of the both of you…

  2. Jay Ward says:

    Congrats Lucy!

    It was so special that Betty could be there for the hug!


    Sidney “Jay” Ward III


    Ward Lumber

    697 Glen Road, Jay, NY 12941

    (518) 946-2110, Ext. 141


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